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i enjoy writing and i enjoy a lot of shows and this is where everything converges!! thanks for reading
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a rose-colored high school life..


a rose-colored high school life..

have you ever considered writing something for the gsnk fandom? i think there's a lack of sakura/nozaki fics ;)

fandom: gekkan shoujo nozaki kun
characters: sakura, nozaki
summary: role reversal!au, sakura as yumeno-sensei

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so what's your stance on transformative works? such as podfic. also, if you answer this question, can you add the answer to your ao3 profile? thanks.

i find them really interesting and am just really happy that fandom is able to express itself in such a wide variety of discourse!! i myself wouldn’t dabble it in, but sometimes i do listen to podfic etc

also what do you mean by adding the answer to my profile? that i am ok with/support podfic?

satoshi/mayaka, rivals on a cooking show AU?

Thirty seconds left.

Mayaka returns her gaze to the pie cooling on her counter. Desserts have never been her forte, but she’s pretty confident this time – she’s pinned all her hopes on her mother’s undefeated apple pie recipe, after all. She wastes no time in frosting the crust, biting her lip in frustration when her hands shake. Why is she acting like an amateur now? Her nerves can take a backseat. She’s got this.

Beside her, Fukube is already drying his hands with a tablecloth, a smug smile beaming on his face. His cake is much more elaborate than what she’s plating: five layers tall, chocolate and vanilla alternating between tiers. The cherries and rainbow sprinkles make it look much too gaudy for her tastes, but Mayaka cannot truly fault him, because one thing that Fukube never forgets is to inject his personality into his cooking. He really cooks from his heart, which is what makes him such an irritatingly worthy rival.

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Hello! I dreamed about an alternate universe in which Satoshi and Chitanda ended up dating despite still liking their respective canon characters and vice versa. Unfortunately I can't recall the details but I remember there was a fair bit of angst and compromise with unrequited feelings, and I was wondering what your opinion about this hypothetical arrangement would be as resident Hyouka expert :P thanks for your time!


oh my god anon this would be so screwed up how could we even begin to think about this it’s just SO INTRIGUING YEAHHH 

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yukiatsu/tsuruko, forced to share the same table at a crowded coffee shop au (yes i totally filched that from some au post lying around)

"Can I sit here?"

Tsuruko doesn’t look up. She doesn’t need to because she recognises him even though this is the first time he’s approached her. She nods vaguely, refusing to take her eyes off the pages of her book.

He pulls out the chair and takes a seat opposite her, placing his cup of takeaway coffee next to her mug on the table. The cafe is especially crowded today, so he can’t take his usual seat the front counter - in the middle of all the people, and yet with his back turned to every single one of them. She thinks that it reflects his eccentricities, but catches herself before she gets too carried away. What does she know about this man? She doesn’t even know his name. She only knows that he’s always sitting around here on the weekends, waiting for someone to come and pick him up. When he’s alone, he looks bored and uninspired, staring out shop’s window like all his questions will never have answers. But the moment a friend steps into the coffeeshop, he substitutes a pleasant facade for them like it’s his expertise.

Tsuruko hates people like him.

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partners in dance class AU, tsurukai

This is all Mamura’s fault.

Inukai never thought that such a sentence could exist. Mamura is a peace-loving guy, after all. He keeps to himself and avoids causing trouble for others because he hates it when others do that to him. In their five years of friendship, Inukai can’t remember a time he was ever angry at Mamura. 

But because Suzume had asked Mamura to join the class with her, and Mamura had been too self-conscious to go with just her, he’d dragged Inukai along. Inukai hadn’t had any reason to decline the offer - waltzing had sounded like a neat new skill to add to his barren repetoire of talents outside of braiding his younger sister’s hair and memorising pi up to the twentieth decimal.

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daichi/yui, high school teachers au

Yui is almost done marking her first stack of test papers when someone strikes a conversation at the desk just next to hers. 

"C’mon, Daichi! It won’t last for long. When’s the last time you had a drink? When’s the last time you went to a mixer?" Ikejiri asks with a coaxing tone. "I bet you haven’t even gone to one before!” he adds, his voice brimming with accusation. 

Despite the Physic teacher’s wheedling, Sawamura doesn’t budge from his position - bent over, red pen in hand, sizing up the several piles of ungraded History homework he has to plough through.

You wouldn’t have guessed based on his teaching subject, but Sawamura was also in charge of the boy’s volleyball team. He spends most of his afternoons outside the office, whipping at the team with the rumoured diligence of a professional coach. Work accumulates constantly for him. Yui realises that it’s been a long time since she’s been able to even see the cleared surface of his desk. He never changes, and stays back late to make up for it every Friday. Yui had only found out about this last week, when she had to do some overtime too.

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Hmm, don't know if anyone asked this before or if it was written anywhere, but which shoujo mangas have you read?

You can refer to my MAL! But, off the top of my head, I’ve read: Fruits Basket, Strobe Edge, Hirunaka no Ryuusei (kinda), Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Kimi ni Todoke.

Aug 1st · tagged: *answered

Idk if you're still taking requests but Mamura/Suzume living together, married or otherwise

note: i wrote a shizume thing, so here’s a mazume thing to make it even, but these will really be the only things i’m writing for the pairs because i am not confident of portraying these ships well!!

She wakes up to the sound of the third alarm clock ringing and breakfast cooking in the kitchen. Suzume tries to sink deeper into her mattress, knocking the clock off the bedside stand with the back of her hand. It lands with a thunk on the floor in a familiar fashion to the two before it. And then, right on cue, she feels someone rip the toasty blanket off her and unleash the window blinds so that the sun hits her squarely in the face.

Mamura is merciless.

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